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in game football analytics

In-Game Football Analytics

Today, teams have become more reliant on in game football analytics than ever before. The ways in which this readily available data is being used ranges from tracking the energy levels of a player through wearable devices to deciding the optimal play in a critical 4th down situation and beyond. …

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Football Analytics Tools

Football Analytics Tools

High school football is evolving. Today, high school football coaches have access to seemingly endless options of coaching tools, and it’s clear which teams are the early adopters. While analytics haven’t replaced coaching intuition and never will, a sharp coach combined with high-value and actionable insights is truly a dynamic …

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Merce County Football

EdjVarsity A Key Difference-Maker For Kentucky High School Football Program

EdjSports’ high school analytics platform EdjVarsity helps coaches understand risk in different ways and shows them how to re-imagine down-and-distance as a competitive advantage. After going 5-7 during his 2018 campaign, Mercer County (Ky.) High School head coach David Buchanan knew that fundamental changes needed to be made. He wanted …

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Making Pivotal Decisions Like A Pro

High school coaches are used to making in-game decisions based on experience, momentum and instincts, but today’s advanced analytics provide a much more accurate, consistent way of maximizing a team’s likelihood of success.  EdjSports, the same company trusted with providing advanced analytics for the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions, is releasing …

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Know Yourself, Know Your Opponent

With the latest analytics technology, coaches can make faster, more accurate data-driven decisions and increase their Game Winning Chance. For most coaches, the word “analytics” conjures up images of databases, computers, and a foggy and unknown world dominated by number-crunchers. While analytics is a very broad term, coaches should stop …

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