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Football Analytics Tools

Football Analytics Tools

High school football is evolving. Today, high school football coaches have access to seemingly endless options of coaching tools, and it’s clear which teams are the early adopters. While analytics haven’t replaced coaching intuition and never will, a sharp coach combined with high-value and actionable insights is truly a dynamic duo.

How Data Analytics Can Help High School Football Coaches

Coaching is mastering how to remain calm and strategic under immense pressure in a fast paced environment. In-game football analytics tools significantly aid in this process because they work to separate what actually matters from all the noise, identifying the optimal play type (i.e. pass, run, punt, etc) and increasing decision making time and accuracy.

Ultimately, these advanced tools bring coaches clarity and confidence to know what the best action is to increase their team’s game-winning chance. 

With a variety of emerging analytical tools available for high school football coaches, EdjVarsity offers the complete sports analytics package — an advanced football coaching subscription that features unique tools to assist coaches before, during, and after games. In partnership with its sister company, Football Outsiders, EdjVarsity utilizes over 20 years of NFL, NCAA and high school play-by-play data, the software is easily customizable to guide and inform coaches’ critical decision making.

Football Analytics Tools

EdjVarsity Tools & Features

A few of the most prominent features are the Play Call Simulator, Fourth Down Forecast, Post Game Report, and customized Game Book. With a hassle-free user interface and real time analytics, coaches have access to exclusive data science capabilities right at their fingertips.

Head coach Adam Clack says EdjVarsity is a staple of Milton High School Football, stating, “this is not only a great in-game tool that can help with critical real time decision, but it is also a great way for coaching staffs to objectively discuss difficult situations before or after a game.” 

With EdjVarsity, coaches can easily analyze and breakdown key decisions and better strategize their next game plan. 

If you’re interested in using analytics to capitalize on your team’s strengths and win more games, you can learn more about EdjVarsity’s game-changing features or make the jump today and sign up for your free trial.