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How Coaches Are Turning Analytics Into Action

As the popularity and familiarity of analytics continues to rise, football coaches across the country are finding ways to tell a story through the numbers. By applying win probability analysis to play-call decisions and play results from EdjVarsity, coaches are identifying the most consequential plays of each week’s game. This offers valuable insight to then be turned into coachable instruction and motivation for players as well as potential game plan adjustments when facing similar scenarios in the future.

A great example of this comes from Coach David Buchanan and the Mercer County (Harrodsburg, KY) football program. After every game, Coach Buchanan and his staff breakdown the most impactful plays by easily reviewing the detailed Weekly Post Game Reports provided through EdjVarsity.

Mercer County vs. DeSales Detailed Post Game Report
Mercer County vs. DeSales Post Game Win-Probability Graph

In the clip below, a forced fumble and recovery by Mercer County in the first quarter highlighted a +12% increase in win probability. This turned out to be the most impactful play of the game, based on our EdjVarsity Post Game analysis.

Special thanks to Coach Buchanan and Mercer County for their trust in us over the last few years and for being a great ambassador for the game!  Best of luck Coach!

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