In Game Football Analytics | Using Data To Influence Play Calls
in game football analytics

In-Game Football Analytics

Today, teams have become more reliant on in game football analytics than ever before. The ways in which this readily available data is being used ranges from tracking the energy levels of a player through wearable devices to deciding the optimal play in a critical 4th down situation and beyond.

The sport has evolved to a higher level of strategic planning and analysis with these advancements, but this level of data-driven coaching is not exclusively reserved for Belichick’s Patriots and other professional teams.

The Play Call Simulator is a Real Game Changer

Imagine you’re in the fourth quarter with 3 minutes to go and it’s 4th & short in your own territory. It’s moments like these which can make or break your chances to win the game. Thankfully, with the EdjVarsity Play Call Simulator, you won’t have to rely solely on your gut feeling. Check out our video library of exactly how this system could be used in that scenario to help your team maintain it’s winning advantage.

Whether it is crunch-time where the chance to win comes down to a single play, or you are down a field goal and need to decide if you should call in your kicker or let the offense take the 4th down attempt, having data at your fingertips will add confidence to your coaching.

in game football analytics

Fourth Down Forecast™ With EdjVarsity

Every first down should start with a plan for what fourth down will look like and that’s exactly what our Fourth Down Forecast™ does for your organization.

It works by giving your coaching staff a prescriptive plan for when it will be best to “go for it” on 4th down. This not only helps with decision making on a make or break play, but it also helps you craft your play calling on 1st-3rd down to put your team in the best possible 4th down situation. After all, football is changing and your traditional play calling strategy ought to adapt with it.

In Summary: In Game Football Analytics

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