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Super Bowl LV – Lessons

It’s been a wild season and two lessons stand out.

Football is the ultimate team game! 

In Super Bowl LV, the Bucs outplayed the Chiefs in all three phases of the game, in terms of both execution and decision-making. And, even QB Tom Brady (the GOAT and game’s MVP) was quick to point out the contributions of the other players and coaches. 

Analytics are here to stay! 

Like every other aspect of the game, effectively leveraging analytics is about focusing on “the process” (as opposed to focusing solely on results), and a belief that having sound and proactive decision-making processes in place will (over time) produce the best results. 

Enjoy the “offseason”!

Rest assured the Bucs and Chiefs are already thinking about and preparing for next season. As you and your staffs do the same and consider how to best leverage analytics, visit We will have plenty of offseason editorial content, videos, and webinars sharing best practices, for every level of the game. And, if you have any question please reach out ( We are always up for talking football and analytics!

Bottom Line

Every decision matters and it’s important to make the ones that give your team the best chance to win the game.