Using Analytics For High School Football | Incorporating Data Analytics
using analytics for high school football

Using Analytics For High School Football

It’s no secret that advanced data analytics are an integral part of sports programs in today’s world. Over the last couple decades, we have watched professional sports teams integrate data-driven strategies in a variety of ways, starting with renowned Billie Beane introducing sabermetrics to the MLB. Beane’s revolutionary discovery of accurate and statistical player evaluation to enhance recruitment was only the beginning.

Today, professional sports teams typically have entire departments devoted to in-game analytics. It’s a no-brainer that sports analytics tools are transforming athletics, and it hasn’t stopped with only those in the big leagues. Specifically, many schools have adopted using analytics for high school football, and have embraced this new competitive edge. The ones who haven’t may be left behind.

Incorporating Data Analytics Into High School Football

Advanced football coaching resources and tools have emerged because of the digital revolution. Sports data has always been around in some form, but usually viewed in traditional metrics like yards per run, completion percentage, etc. With today’s in-depth analytical capabilities, data’s impact on sports is a complete game-changer. 

There’s a reason the adaption of using analytics for high school football didn’t happen overnight. Advanced analytics metrics come with somewhat of an intimidation factor, and coaches naturally possess a defensive instinct that they know their team better than any computer could. And while they are right, coaches must realize that analytics do not threaten their decision-making abilities, but instead provide high-value, statistical information to inform their decision making.

using analytics for high school football'

In Summary

Using analytics for high school football doesn’t mean the system actually makes the play call — that’s still the coach’s ultimate decision. But analytics do provide coaches with guidance on what is the best play type to call. Successful plays result from a combination of strategy, intuition, and, of course, talent.

Overall, the vital lesson is that information is power. EdjVarsity exists to democratize sports analytics so that high school football teams can advance and improve their game-winning chance just like the professional teams. Start your free trial today to take your team’s talent to the next level.