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The Complete Platform for Data-Driven Performance

Only EdjVarsity determines your win probability at any point in the game, delivering customizations for each opponent, 4th down and GO predictions, and more.

Cutting-Edge Analytics to Boost Your Football Program.

EdjVarsity is the premier advanced analytics platform available to high school football coaches (originally built for NFL teams and used by Super Bowl Champions). We offer easy-to-use, actionable analytics for every set of downs on offense and defense. Using EdjVarsity during games allows for instant analysis of game scenarios, providing play-calling confidence with a complete understanding of the situation.

Make this season count. Learn how you can use analytics to win more games. With the EdjVarsity Premium Package, you get:

Coaching Customizations

Assess the game ahead by customizing your team’s advantages and disadvantages for each weekly opponent.

Play Simulator & Fourth Down Forecast™

Reveal the optimal play choice and relative strengths of alternatives for any game situation within seconds LIVE during the game.

Post Game Report

Analyze and learn more from every game with a detailed breakdown of the game’s progression and key decisions.

Game Book

Customized reference charts provide guidance for key decisions and scenarios for each weekly opponent.

In Game Play Calling Analytics

Evaluating the game state to tell you when you’re in 4-down “GO” situations with the click of a button

Weekly Advanced Scouting

Review your opponent’s situational play-calling tendencies leading up to the matchup to determine your strategy for specific situations against specific opponents

Coaching Reps

Get coaching reps in by simulating various game situations that you can’t get out of your head and learn how to improve clock management

Where can we use it?

EdjVarsity is accessible on a laptop or tablet anywhere you have access to the internet (Wi-Fi or HotSpot).

Coach Mike Leach

Mississippi State University
Edj is revolutionizing decision-making in sports and redefining how coaching staffs use analytics in their game planning to win more games.

Coach Matt Jones

Kentucky Country Day
The 4th Down Forecast tool is a total game-changer.

Coach David Buchanan

Mercer County
One of the main reasons we went with Edj's advanced analytics was to find an edge going into a touch new district. We beat the #1team in the state last night and EdjVarsity helped us.

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