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A full overview of EdjVarsity, the only true analytics tool for High Schools. Harness the power used by college and NFL teams alike.

Individual Features

Coaching Customizations

Assess the game ahead by customizing your team’s advantages and disadvantages for each weekly opponent.

Play Call Simulator

Reveal the optimal play choice and relative strengths of alternatives for any game situation within seconds LIVE during the game.

Fourth Down Forecast

With the Fourth Down Forecast,™ reveal 4th down “GO” situations on 1st down.


Customized reference charts provide guidance for key decisions and scenarios for each weekly opponent.

Situational Examples

Unique product features that can be used in regularly occurring game states

4th & Long

4th & Short FG

4th & Short midfield

4th and short in our own territory

4th and goal down by 3

Down by 4 in FG range

3rd and long at midfield

4th and short punt

4th and short kick FG

Weather-injury adjustment

Using on defense

Coach Specht

St. Xavier High School
EdjVarsity has put a lot of thought into making this a game-changing tool that's easy to use on both offense and defense.

Coach Adam Clack

Milton High School
This is not only a great in-game tool that can help with critical real-time decisions but it is also a great way for the coaching staff to objectively discuss difficult situations before or after a game.

Dave Money

Offensive Coordinator, Mater Dei
EdjVarsity has put a lot of thought into making this a game-changing tool.

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